Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan: Biggest Storm to Date

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An analysis by Discovery Channel and Yahoo of how this megastorm came to be . . . in preparation for the next big one.

Megastorm: Worlds Biggest Typhoon


May All Your Christmases Be Green with WWF’s Eco-Friendly Tips

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Press Release:

Humanity is currently using the resources of one and half planets. This puts tremendous pressure on our planet and its biodiversity. By 2050, the global population is expected to reach nine billion, stretching our natural resources to the brink.

With such limited resources, we need to change the way we consume products. This Christmas, make gift-giving more meaningful by giving back to planet Earth! Remember to follow these holiday eco-tips from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) to make your Christmas extra green and bright!

1. Use LED Christmas lights.

Energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) Christmas lights are 26% more efficient than regular tungsten bulbs. They last longer too!

2. Buy local products.

It takes much more resources for imported goods to reach our doorsteps. Patronizing local products reduces carbon emissions while boosting the local economy.

3. Bring an eco-bag when gift shopping.

An estimated 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are consumed globally every year. This means over a million plastic bags are used each second. Using eco-bags reduces plastic pollution.

4. Make your own Christmas cards.

About a million Christmas cards (and 200,000 trees) are wasted each December. Why not craft your own from recycled paper or fresh cardboard? A little doodling with some colored pens can bring out your inner artist.

5. Use soy candles.

Yucky petroleum-based Christmas candles constantly pollute the environment when lit. Use soy or vegetable-based candles instead. They are biodegradable and smoke-free.

6. Use recycled décor.

With a little tinkering and a touch of creativity, your old bottles, furniture, clothes and gizmos can be converted into cool Christmas decorations. This is not just cheaper – you’ll also ensure that each piece is unique.

7. Give green gifts.

Why not give away eco-friendly gifts rather than your usual giveaways? You’ll be remembered as both generous and Earth-loving!

8. Go one degree up.

When the party’s getting too cold, you can increase your air conditioner’s thermostat by one degree Celsius. This will leave you feeling comfortable while cutting down the energy bill by as much as 10%. Now that’s a cool tip.

9. Use recycled paper to wrap gifts.

Printed paper wrappers constitute one of the largest Christmas wastes. Use old magazines, newspapers or brown paper to wrap gifts. You can also use last year’s ribbons and strings.

10. Buy only what you can finish.

Hosting a Christmas party? Politely ask your guests to minimize leftovers and get only what they can consume. Every year, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted. Minimize waste and your waistline at the same time!

You can spread the holiday cheer and help support WWF-Philippines’ programs on biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability and climate change solutions through The Panda Gift Center! Visit Facebook.com/WWF.Philippines to check out unique WWF gifts like statement shirts, hoodies, canvas bags and laptop cases. 

Miss Earth Beauties Highlight Environment Concerns

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IMG_5144 (800x533)Environment activists has taken on an eye-catching way to get attention for the plight of our earth’s deteriorating health. Through beautiful female bodies from all over the world, the environment is given some attention. Miss Earth highlights pro-environment messages mixed with the usual fanfare of beauty pageantry but nevertheless a worthwhile effort. Enjoy the pictures below of the beautiful contestants representing 90 countries as they were presented to the press in presscon held at F1 hotel last November 21, 2013.

A Million thanks to Melvin Sia for the beautiful pics!