More Parks, More Greens in Palafox City

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SAM_0386.JPGSAM_0365Have you ever heard of anyone turning down millions of dollars  because they refuse to cut down trees? You don’t hear that happen everyday or ever at all. No one ever takes the environment’s side, money will always win.   But wait, it did happen to a certain Mr. Jun Palafox of Palafox Architecture Group Inc. This environment-respecting architect and his company wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.  He and his company became controversial after such an incident  because it seems incomprehensible for someone to refuse such a huge amount and displease a big time client.

SAM_0360The Palafox Group, a top architectural firm in the country,  have projects internationally as well as within the Philippines.  In their travels, they have seen the value of working along with the environment instead of against it.  And more often than not,  opting for pro-environment ways pays off in the end.  The loss from a rejected project is replaced by many more.

SAM_0366Felino “Jun” Palafox and his group is leading the industry by example amidst some income opportunity losses and even threats from political personalities. The usual culprits of environment-destruction include large corporations, developers, and architects so it is not common for architects to go against the flow.



Valentines Everyday with Home-made Chocolate

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SAM_0302SAM_0298Why limit Valentines celebration to 24 hours, why not  celebrate love everyday with those you love and care about.  Each month or week or day, you can show a friend, neighbor, officemate or even your hardworking cleaning lady some love and appreciation with a simple token that can spell the difference between a good day or a bad one.   It would certainly make their day or simply make them smile for a moment. Extend the mood, the celebration, the effort of that special day to give Happy Hearts Day more value than simply a shallow once-a-year effort of buying  chocolates and flowers with jacked-up prices SAM_0319for commercial establishments to make a killing.  Make the day a reminder to try and make others smile or give them good vibes with chocolate you made yourself.

SAM_0322Too much chocolate will surely be unhealthy because of the sugar content. So  make  healthier chocolates by using sugar alternatives that won’t get in the way of a diabetic person’s enjoyment of these sweets. Healthy Eats Organic Cafe and Store  together with Raw Yogini share chocolate recipes for the love month.


Start the Year With Green In Mind

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Native Sapling by Gregg Yan & WWFPress Update:

Start the year right with these green New Year resolutions! Follow these simple tips shared by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) to give Planet Earth the gift of healing.

According to the Philippine solid waste management group, humanity generates over 10,000 million tons of solid waste each year – and only 12% of this is reused and recycled. Though a season of joy, the holidays also contribute to the planetary problem of solid
waste. So it’s time to clean up and green up this 2016.

Go for an organic lifestyle. Going green starts in the kitchen Organic food may be more expensive but these are free of fertilizers and pesticides which degrade groundwater and carry potential health risks. By purchasing organic produce, you are not only he
lping Mother Nature but also supporting our local farmers.

Use old shoe boxes. Reuse your old shoe boxes. Turn them into works of art. Boost your creativity by decorating boring old boxes and using these store items and organize your home

Start a green family tradition. Make your family participate in eco-conscious activities. You can easily think of simple activities like camping and tree planting where you and your family can work together to raise environmental awareness.

Sort your wardrobe. As the saying goes, what you don’t use is not really yours. Evaluate what is in your closets and set aside some pieces to share with others. This will not just spread a smile of happiness to others but also reduce waste generation.Bicycles by Gregg Yan

Walk or bike, it’s more fun. This New Year, try walking or taking your bike to go places. You’ll be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint while getting an excellent workout. What better way to start the New Year than by staying fit?

You can spread the holiday cheer and help support WWF-Philippines’ programs on biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability and climate change solutions. Visit to find more ways to help!