An Ode to Lolong

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Lolong Body by Gregg YanYou passed away too soon,

only two years in captivity.

Agusan del Sur lost a mascot and tourism hero

The  Philippines mourns your fame and  huge potentials

We applaud your determination to survive

And exist while the dinosaurs could not

You showed those creatures of your time how resilient you are

Too bad those triceratops, tyrannosaurus rex and other Mesozoic creatures

Were not flexible or smart enough to follow your footsteps.

Though that’s great news for the humans.

A shock indeed that you had fallen to humans’ presumptuous behaviour

Man needs to learn more before taking your kind out of your element

Only two kinds exist in the country, both endangered species

Freshwater crocodiles with sharp grooves down its nape,

Found in Mindanao and Isabela

Saltwater crocodiles with a smooth neck, and which you fall under

The thought of bumping into you swimming from island to island

definitely scares the wits out of us

Along with the thought you could live a hundred years.

Your fame reached the books of Rizal, as you played the villain with Elias.

After Ibarra of Noli Me Tangere came a succession of killers

But aside from terrorizing islanders in your area, you enrich the ecosystems

Each croc recycles nutrients through defecation and fertilization

Removing you ends the ecosystem cycle.

Where there are crocodiles, there will be fish.

We just hope in the future that others like you

will experience responsible rescue and conservation efforts

as humans and crocs co-habit the earth without terminating each other.

For now, the largest crocodile on earth is no longer with us,

So long, Lolong

Lolong Measurements by Gregg Yan (May 2012)


MSI-ECS Joins Pasig River Rehabilitation

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Photo Release:

MSI-ECS Phils, Inc., one of the country’s leading ICT distributors recognizes the importance of rehabilitating the current condition of Pasig River and its nearby estuaries. As a support of this cause, MSI-ECS has tapped Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig, a river-rehabilitation project of ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. by donating  PhP100,000 to the foundation. Photo shows (L-R), Princess Chua, General Manager, MSI-ECS; Jimmy Go, President/CEO, MSI-ECS; Atty. Grace Sumalpong, Project Director, Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig ; Faizza Tanggol, Media Manager, Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig and Maurice Altar, AVP for Marketing and Communications, MSI-ECS.

This CSR initiative is part of MSI-ECS “Make-A-Difference” project started last 2010.  Other CSR projects include tree-planting and blood-letting drives.

Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig was launched in February 24, 2009 to rehabilitate Metro Manila’s waterways of Pasig River, Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay. For more information on how to support KBPIP initiatives, please contact

Lamoiyan’s Silver Year Shines with a Heart of Gold

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Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro, CEO

Blam! It must have felt like a door slamming at your face when clients of  an aluminium tubing company left one by one the instance plastic tubing entered the manufacturing scene.  But that did not make the God-fearing president of the company lose hope and shut down the business.  Instead, by stroke of inspiration from the heavens, he turned the business around to make it a global brand that initially serves the poor and handicapped.  Hapee toothpaste was a silver lining after a crisis, a window that opened after the door closed.  It came as a message from above to give to the less fortunate and the blessings will follow.  That’s how Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro, President and CEO of Lamoiyan Corporation perceived the miracle that was Hapee Toothpaste, so he continues the advocacy to help the poor and disadvantaged by keeping prices low and providing jobs to the deaf-mute of society.

l3He did not stop there. As a responsible corporate citizen, he applies pro-environment opportunities in his daily business process for the benefit of the general public.  “Think of others first, then more blessings will come your way” seems to be Dr. Pedro’s business strategy which seems to be  the right path as more and more people speak well of him and his business.  Thus they patronize his product and support his business.

Peter Psul Ang, AVP

Peter Psul Ang, AVP

As the company turn a Silver 25th anniversary, more pro-community projects and  activities are planned  by the Philantropist and Vissionary Dr. Pedro together with his Asst. Vice President for New Business Development, Peter Paul Ang.  With the theme “Giving Hope and Sharing Hapee Smiles”, Lamoiyan tied up with organizations such as the Phlippine Dental Association (PDA) for its nationwide medical/dental missions,  These activities will be conducted in key cities in the Philippines with the support of Lamoiyan’s trade partners.

with officers of PDA

with officers of PDA

The event also coincided with the company’s three-day National Sales Convention that aims to empower and build a stronger business partnership with its valued trade partners.

This annual gathering serves as a fitting tribute to their trade partners’ substantial contributions to Lamoiyan Corporation’s continued growth. The event also gives the trade partners a preview of Lamoiyan Corporation’s goals and programs for the year, and allows them to look back at the firm’s historic past and further foster camaraderie with one another.

“We believe that celebrating our silver anniversary amid this convention is the perfect opportunity for us to show what God has done for a Christian-Filipino company in a highly competitive oral care industry. With our trade partners present, together we will walk the path to victory,” Dr. Pedro said.

Lamoiyan Corporation traces back its roots in 1988 when Dr. Pedro decided to establish a 100% Filipino-owned firm that manufactures toothpastes, then the domain of multinationals. Its inception in March that same year saw the introduction of the first local toothpaste brand,  Hapee, which since then has consistently maintained world-class quality at par with its foreign counterparts.

The company also stands proud as the first Filipino company that successfully penetrated the local toothpaste industry through its dental care brands, Hapee and Kutitap. Since then, its portfolio of products expanded, many of which have earned the love, patrimony and loyalty of consumers here and abroad.
“Many thought then that my decision was unwise but Lamoiyan Corporation’s success throughout the years proved otherwise. It’s been a good 25 years, and we are looking forward to more years together with our trade partners in order to make a difference—all for the glory of God,” Dr. Pedro continues.

To know more about how Lamoiyan Corporation gives hope to Filipinos and shares ‘’ smiles, visit or

EnviroPop: Being Pro-Environment is Also Fun and Games

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Press Tech Update:

EnviroPop Cover Photo copy with AppLabsSave Sea Creatures with WWF’s EnviroPop!

Whether you’re an anemone-loving Clownfish, seagrass-grazing Dugong or acrobatic Spinner Dolphin – you’re still susceptible to cyanide puffs, dynamite blasts and a host of deadly marine threats.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines needs your help to fight undersea hazards through EnviroPop, a digital application that entertains and educates users about the need to address the impacts of marine pollutants.

Launched by WWF-Philippines and AppLabs Digital Studios on Wednesday, 6 February 2013, EnviroPop is the first puzzle application that allows users to rescue endangered species from a host of sea hazards like cyanide bottles, dynamite sticks, oil drums, PET bottles, and trawl nets.

Your goal is to clear the sea of these threats to save six WWF characters – Bobby the Butanding, Clara the Clownfish, Doogie the Dugong, Gary the Grouper, Pattie the Pawikan and Dolly the Dolphin.

Players have one minute to eliminate threats by tapping and swiping on three or more hazards across the screen. The more hazards eliminated, the higher the score.

The app, the first in the WWF global network, also arms players with ample knowledge of WWF’s priority species plus the impacts of pollutants plus unsustainable fishing practices on marine biodiversity.

Says Honey Carmona, WWF-Philippines Individual Donor Program Officer, “One of the highlights of EnviroPop is Enviropedia, an interesting repository of information that kids and grown-ups will enjoy reading.”

More importantly, EnviroPop provides a mechanism for players to donate to WWF-Philippines. EnviroPop’s full version is available for download on iTunes for only $0.99 (roughly Php 40.00). Proceeds will go to WWF-Philippines marine conservation programs.

“The Philippines sits at the apex of the Coral Triangle, the world’s epicenter for marine life. With millions of Filipinos depending on the sea for food, livelihood and ecotourism – it’s imperative that we prioritize marine conservation,” concludes Carmona. (30)

How to play EnviroPop:

1. Download EnviroPop on iTunes.

2. Open the application, then click on the play button.

3. Clean our beloved seas by tapping on at least three hazards and swiping your finger across the screen. You have one minute to play.

4. The more hazards you eliminate, the higher you score!

5. If Chi-Chi the Giant Panda is beside a hazard chain, your score will be multiplied five times.

6. Don’t forget to share your scores on Facebook and Twitter. Challenge your friends to top your highest score!

7. Check out other tabs like Enviropedia to learn more about Gary the Grouper, Bobby the Butanding, Dolly the Dolphin, Doogie the Dugong, Pattie the Pawikan, and Clara the Clown Fish.