Dr. Marco Lambertini, New Director General of WWF International

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Marco Lambertini - BirdLife InternationalPress Release:

WWF announced today the appointment of Dr. Marco Lambertini as Director General of WWF International. Currently Chief Executive of BirdLife International, Marco will begin his new role with the global conservation organization on 1 May 2014.

Yolanda Kakabadse, President of the WWF International Board of Trustees, said: “Dr. Marco Lambertini was the outstanding candidate in a broad field of exceptional applicants. We were searching for someone with proven global leadership credentials as well as a global mindset, first-class scientific and political acumen, someone who is an energetic fundraiser, a campaigner and a natural communicator, who demonstrates the passion and drive to save life on Earth. Marco ticks all of these boxes and more. On behalf of my colleagues on the WWF International Board of Trustees, it gives me great pleasure to welcome Marco to WWF.”

With 25 years of global conservation leadership, Marco Lambertini began his association with WWF as a youth volunteer growing up in his native Italy. Prior to his current role as Chief Executive of BirdLife International, Marco was Global Director of Network and Programme for over a decade. That role saw him broaden BirdLife’s global reach and relevance, and develop decentralized structures for most effective global conservation impact.

Dr. Marco Lambertini said: “I am delighted and incredibly excited to serve an organization like WWF – and to contribute to fully realize its immense potential as a catalyst and agent for change for the benefit of people and nature. WWF’s authority and visibility, global reach, civil society support and local presence can deliver what the planet and its people need: real change towards sustainable living across sectors, cultures and continents – a truly global vision for a planet where people and nature can thrive in harmony.”

The outgoing Director General of WWF International, Jim Leape, announced his decision to leave the organization last year. His last day at WWF will be 31 March 2014. Starting in July, Jim will be a consulting professor at Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment.

Jim Leape said: “It gives me great pride and pleasure to hand over the baton asDirector General of WWF International to a conservation leader of such stature and experience as Dr Marco Lambertini. I congratulate Marco on his appointment and I am confident that WWF will reach even greater heights under his leadership.”


Spiderman and Earth Hour Join Forces for an Amazing Rescue

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Spiderman and Earth Hour Join Forces! (1)Press Release:

Spidey comes to the rescue!  In a first of its kind partnership, Spider-Man will be the first superhero ambassador for Earth Hour, the global movement organized by WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature) driven by a message to inspire individuals to use their power to become superheroes for the planet.

Earth Hour Founder and CEO Andy Ridley plus Sony Pictures Entertainment Worldwide Marketing and Distribution Chair Jeff Blake made the announcement in conjunction with the launch of Earth Hour Blue – a radical new digital crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform for the planet, launched to engage people around the world and participants in the famous lights out event, which this year will be held on Saturday night, March the 29th, from8:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

This year, Earth Hour and the hero of the highly-anticipated motion picture The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – along with the film’s stars, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and director Marc Webb – are throwing their support behind Earth Hour Blue, which aims to harness the power of the crowd to raise funds for on-the-ground environmental projects from across the world.

“I’m proud Spider-Man is the first superhero ambassador for Earth Hour because he shows we can all be superheroes when we realize the power we all have,” says Andrew Garfield, who plays Spider-Man in the upcoming film.  “Earth Hour is a movement that has created massive impact around the world, so imagine what we can do this year with Spider-Man by our side.”

Crowdfunding for Yolanda Victims

The crowdfunding section of the new Earth Hour platform will allow participants to help deliver energy-efficient stoves to families in Madagascar, raise funds to expand and conserve the iconic Table Mountain National Park in South Africa and help communities in the Philippines build fibreglass boats to withstand climate impacts like Typhoon Yolanda, to be launched by WWF-Philippines on 19 February.

Earth Hour has grown to involve hundreds of millions of people from all walks of life across 7000 cities and towns and 154 countries and territories. The Philippines – one of the world’s most vulnerable nations to climate change – has been one of Earth Hour’s staunchest supporters since 2008 and has consistently topped town and city participation levels since 2009.

“Earth Hour gives you the power to inspire anyone, even if you’re just one person, and Earth Hour is much more than an hour. There are great projects from the crowd, for the planet, happening all over the world,” says Emma Stone.

Individuals can also use Earth Hour’s crowdsourcing platform for Earth Hour Blue, which will call for people to add their voice to some of the biggest environmental campaigns across the world; including an Instagram campaign for people to share their love of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, as part of WWF-Australia’s ‘Lights Out for The Reef’ theme for Earth Hour 2014. Jamie Foxx who plays the villain Electro in the film says, “Earth Hour isn’t just about lights off; it’s about people across the world coming together throughout the year to join forces to improve the planet.  Never underestimate your power, never underestimate what you can do.”

Global participants in the movement will also be able to sign the Shark Saver’s ‘I’m FINished with FINS’ pledge, which engages celebrities and public figures throughout Asia to help end shark finning in marine waters for the consumption of shark-fin soup.

“The idea of Earth Hour has grown beyond anything we could have dreamed of. With the help of Spider-Man, we are taking the movement to the next stage. We hope that Spider-Man will empower individuals to be superheroes for the planet, and use their voice or their dollars to support projects or campaigns around the world. It’s about harnessing the power of the crowd. That’s what Earth Hour Blue is all about,” says Earth Hour co-founder Andy Ridley.

Sony Pictures Entertainment will join by contributing to a WWF-China and Earth Hour Blue project that provides efficient cook-stoves to prevent deforestation in the habitat of the Giant Panda. Through its efforts, the studio will receive Gold Standard carbon offsets that render the entire physical production of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as well as its publicity tour, carbon-neutral.

Expanding on many sustainability efforts over the years, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 became the most eco-friendly tent-pole production in the history of Columbia Pictures. These environmental efforts, on set and off, were supported at every level – from producers, studio executives, cast and crew – and began as soon as the film went into pre-production.

“Spider-Man’s always been a very relatable superhero. Peter Parker is a hero to all people, and an inspiration, so it seems very fitting that he should join forces with Earth Hour to empower every single individual to help save the planet,” Blake adds. “I’m also very proud of the fact that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is entirely carbon-neutral.  We made a commitment to be as eco-conscious as possible during production itself, when we took a special effort to think green and avoid waste; now, completing that process with Earth Hour Blue is a wonderful testament to what we can achieve when we all work together.”

Earth Hour and its superhero ambassador Spider-Man remind us that anyone can be a superhero for the planet, so get involved and use your power atearthhour.org