Vote for a Better World

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www_logoWe all want the same thing … regardless of gender, age, race, religion, nationality . . . we want a better world.  A world where basic living conditions are met such as clean water, nutritious food, plus healthcare and protection from harm. If we all are heard, changes towards these objectives may happen.

But first we have to be heard.  The decision-makers are planning their goals.  Before they finalize some actions, we need to let them know how we feel and what is important to us. So vote now and lets join voices that will be loud enough not to be ignored.

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Now Blending: Jamba Juice EDSA Shangri-La Mall

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SAM_6165Not in the beacSAM_6163h this summer? Oh yeah, some of us have to work.  If you are stuck in the city, you can still have a piece of the beach life with a refreshing smoothie.  Jamba Juice makes sure you still have some of the perks of being in the beach minus the heat.

SAM_6123Anytime you crave a smoothie, just go to a nearby Jamba Juice branch and satisfy your cravings in a cool, relaxing environment.   Jamba Juice continues to expand to your preferred spots in Metro Manila, making it easier for you to refresh yourselves with drinks and food only this renowned California lifestyle brand can provide. At present, Jamba Juice has branches in Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Robinson’s Magnolia, Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Mall of Asia, SM Mega Mall, The Block – SM North EDSA, and now, at EDSA Shangri-La Mall!

SAM_6113“We want our products to be more convenient for those who find Jamba Juice as a brand complementing their lifestyle, hence, we’re jambafying the places our market wants them most,” shares Sharon T. Fuentebella, Managing Director of Jamba Juice Philippines.

SAM_6114Jamba Juice EDSA Shangri-La Mall is located at the Lower Ground Floor, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City. Other branches include Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Robinson’s Magnolia, Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and The Block – SM North EDSA. Store hours are from 8am to 9pm daily. For more details, visit, or follow Jamba Juice Philippines Official Twitter (@JambaJuicePH) and Facebook ( accounts.

Green Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day

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Press Release:

Moms are probably the most hard-working, dedicated, and selfless people. You can be sure that your mom would always put you first above anything, and that she has your best interests at heart.

This Mother’s Day, return some of the love she has given you by planning a special day for her. Pamper her, give her the royal treatment, take her out and make her feel extra special with these Mother’s Day gift ideas courtesy of Philips.

A healthier diet, with the Philips Avance Juicer

Help Mom stay fit and strong by providing her with a healthier way to prepare juices. She deserves nothing but fresh and pure fruit juices, made with a juicer that does not require pre-cutting or peeling, so she can get every bit of nutrient she needs.

The Avance Juicer features an extra large feeding tube and a powerful 800W motor, so you can put in whole fruits and vegetables — such as apples, pears and carrots — whole, without the need for pre-cutting. Easy to assemble, use and clean, the Avance Juicer produces 10% more juice compared to other juicers — just what mom needs to stay healthy.

HP8270_00-U2P-global-001_highresA radiant glow, with the Philips ActiveCare Hair Dryer

Moms are always beautiful, inside and out. But there’s no harm in making her bloom even more. Help her get a makeover right at home with the Philips ActiveCare Hair Dryer.

The ActiveCare Hair Dryer HP8260 lessens hair damage and overheating with an Even Heat Distribution technology. This allows the dryer to use an air outlet that ensures heat is always distributed very evenly — even at high temperatures — to prevent damaging hot spots. ThermoProtect temperature provides optimal drying temperature, while a volume diffuser enhances volume for bouncy hairstyles. Mom can also achieve shiny and frizz-free hair with ion conditioning, where charged negative ions eliminate static hair, condition the hair, and smooth down the hair cuticles.

The ActiveCare Hair Dryer will make mom look radiant when she steps out with you for dinner on Mother’s Day, and will keep her looking beautiful everyday even when she’s too busy to visit the salon.

HX6932_10-U1P-global-001_highresA healthy smile, with the Philips FlexCare Plus

Actions speak louder than words. And nothing says it better than a flash of mom’s healthy pearly whites thanks to the Philips FlexCare Plus toothbrush.

Help mom achieve whiter teeth with the Philips FlexCare Plus equipped with its own patented sonic technology that helps improve gum health in just two weeks. It also provides superior cleaning action by gently and effectively reaching deep between teeth and along the gum line. If mom is new to the world of electronic toothbrushes, the Philips FlexCare Plus also includes an easy start program to help in acclimating mom to the Sonicare experience. 

For all the sacrifices and unconditional love that your mom has been giving you all these years, she deserves nothing short of the best.

Increasing CO2 in the Air Urges Shift to Renewable Energy

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Press News Flash:

The need to shift to sustainable and clean energy sources will be reinforced when the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere reached 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time in human history in the next few days.

Scientists from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, are set to announce that levels of atmospheric CO2 are reaching 400ppm now, marking a critical point on the pathway to dangerous levels of global warming

The imperative to drive down these emissions has never been stronger, says Samantha Smith, WWF leader of the Global Climate & Energy Initiative.

“The laws of physics tell us that the more CO2 we have in the atmosphere, the warmer the world will get. The last time the Earth’s atmosphere had as much CO2 as it has today, the world was 3-4 degrees Celsius warmer. And the last time the world was that warm, sea levels were five to 40 meters higher than they are now,” she says.

According to scientists, there’s no doubt that human beings are responsible for rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, with most of global climate pollution coming from the energy sector, especially burning fossil fuels. If CO2 levels continue to rise, we can expect to see record high temperatures become the new summer average; record droughts become the norm; and record storms and floods become frequent events, says Smith.

“Globally, communities and governments already struggle to respond to droughts, crop failures and extreme weather events, even in rich countries such as the US. If CO2 levels keep rising, efforts to adapt to a changing climate are very unlikely to do the job.”

But this trajectory can change if the right choices are made.

“With a fast global shift to renewable energy and supported by strong energy efficiency measures, we can drastically reduce CO2 emissions which eventually will also stabilise and reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations,” says Smith. Costs of renewable electricity have dropped radically, and in 2011 investments in renewables outstripped investments in fossil fuel power for the first time. Renewable energy can become ‘the new normal’. But it requires commitments from governments if it is to happen quickly enough and at scale, she says.

About WWF

 WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations, with over 5 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

The Global Climate & Energy Initiative (GCEI) is WWF’s global programme addressing climate change, promoting renewable and sustainable energy, scaling up green finance, engaging the private sector and working nationally and internationally on implementing low carbon, climate resilient development.

See for latest news and media resources

Read the Energy Report at

Iza Calzado tapped as Haribon Foundation’s Ambassador

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Press Release:

SAM_5982Haribon Foundation, the country’s pioneer environmental organization, has tapped multi – awarded artist, Iza Calzado, to become one of its ambassadors, tagged as Haribon Ambassadors for Conservation (HAC). Iza joins Haribon’s roster of celebrity ambassadors in its vision of taking the lead in caring for nature with people – for the people.

The organization hopes that with Iza’s help, Haribon’s advocacy will be embraced by more Filipinos thru donations, membership and volunteer sign – ups, and generate support for ROAD to 2020, Haribon’s flagship campaign, a movement committed to restore one million  hectares of rainforests by year 2020. ROAD stands for Rainforestation Organizations and Advocates.

According to Maria Belinda E. de la Paz, Haribon’s Officer in Charge, “Iza is the perfect example to all in pursuing biodiversity conservation, and taking action to improve the country’s natural resources”.

Although Iza has heard of Haribon Foundation in the past, it was this year that she became officially a member of Haribon Foundation.

“I became interested in Haribon this year and since I’ve began to pursue a more active lifestyle, Haribon’s activities are in line with the shift in my lifestyle. It is also a great way for me to encourage people to be more active, help the environment and prevent extreme damage caused by calamities by preserving our natural habitat to the best of our abilities”, Iza shared.

Iza follows Haribon on Twitter and Facebook to keep her updated with the organization’s goings-on.

Calzado is one of the most sought actresses and endorsers; she normally gets invitations from different organizations seeking her endorsement, but Iza admitted that Haribon was something that truly excites her, and she is very much eager to do her part.

Added Iza, “I think it is time that we do our share in raising awareness, and educating them on how we could bring back our forests. I hope to contribute a little something to Haribon Foundation”.

Iza and Haribon hope to produce more green champions for the environment; dedicated and committed individuals advocating the protection and conservation of the environment.


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EarthDay-2013April21-KikoCabuena (8) EarthDay-2013April21-KikoCabuena (6)

Press Release:

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines recently celebrated Earth Day in various venues of the CCP complex and Manila Bay area with the theme “Save Manila Bay”. The event was presented by the CCP with Haribon Foundation, Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation Inc., Philippine Coast Guard, GreenPeace, Kalikasan People’s Network, RockEd, Department of Environment & Natural Resources, National Youth Commission, Bureau of Plant Industry, LJC Restaurant Group, Winner Foundation, Philippine Biochar Association and the 98B Collaboratory.

The event began with a Save Manila Bay Fun Run around the CCP Complex at 6:00am, followed by an Opening Program hosted by Mae Paner a.k.a. Juana Change and Jonathan Tadioan was held at the CCP Ramp featuring a Dance Ritual for Mother Earth performed by the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group, an excerpt of the stage production of Ibalong by Tanghalang Pilipino, special message from Kim Robert de Leon, one of the 2011 Makabagong Rizal Awardees.  The Opening of Sunset Block – Installation Art by 98B at the Front Lawn was held, and the Philippine Coast Guard did a clean up of Manila Bay as well.

To further create awareness among the people, especially within the City of Manila, the artists, cultural workers and participants formed a GREEN LINK along the seawall at Roxas Boulevard from the Manila Yacht Club up to the U.S. Embassy. This human link transformed the seawall promenade into a venue for stand-up comedy, dance, play music, and other performances while facing the Manila Bay for one hour.

 Other highlights of the celebration included the Paddlers-Boat Chain by the Philippine Canoe-Kayak Federation and Kalikasan People’s Network, and another chain of Bikers from Pasay City, Opening of Exhibits–Fair by Haribon Foundation, GreenPeace, DENR, Siklo Pilipinas (household items), Gifts & Grace (Toys & novelty items), Kilus Foundation (Women’s organization of Pasig), Vinci’s Deli (Organic food products), Philippine Biochar Association, BanToxics at the CCP Liwasang Kalikasan area. At the Liwasang Kalikasan area, Kids and Family Activities were held such as Art making, story-telling, film screenings by Haribon Foundation, Arts & Crafts, face painting, sketching by Kasibulan, performances by the Bagitos Drummers and MMDA Band, RockEd Band Concerts featuring Kaleidoscope, Vin Dancel, Ebe Dancel and Noel Cabangon, Cooking demonstrations by the LJC Restaurant Group, performances by the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group, Bahay Musika Children’s Choir, and the Philippine Coast Guard Band.       

Photos by Kiko Cabuena