Fresh Cell Therapy: Natural Anti-ageing and Disease Prevention Treatment

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Madonna, Marilyn Munroe, and Charlie Chaplin did it. Even Pope Pius XII did it. They all underwent living cell therapy in the clinic of Prof. Dr. Block or Prof. Dr. Niehans. That’s confidential information, by the way, while they were alive—Marilyn Munroe and Charlie Chaplin. Luckily, Madonna is not secretive about the fact that she underwent this life extending therapy.
The central idea of this treatment is basically stimulating and revitalizing weak and damaged organ cells caused by age and disease.
As we grow old, our cells weaken and get damaged easily. That is why our skin wrinkles, we get white hair, and our joints and bones start to deteriorate. When injected with fresh cells, the goal is to stimulate and revitalize our “slowing-down” cells to go on active mode. So that we feel energized and the ageing process is put on standstill or delayed.



Duterte Pushing for a Smoke-Free Nation

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“I have signed Executive Order No. 26 imposing a ban on smoking in public places to mitigate its consequences. We want to minimize access to tobacco products, and provide a more supportive environment for those who are attempting to quit tobacco use,” Duterte said.

HealthJustice Philippines, a think tank and advocacy group with legal expertise in tobacco control and health promotion, was quick to offer support to Duterte after he stated during his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) that he would limit access to tobacco products.

“It is inspiring to be working with a President who values the health of our people. We assure him of our continuous support and guidance in minimizing access to tobacco. More

A New Playground for Bikers at Circulo Verde

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Biking is not only fitness-friendly, environment-friendly, but it’s also a friendly fun activity for friends and family-bonding time . . . or even for your alone time. And now biking has gotten even more exciting with the new Circulo Verde’s The Bike Playground.
Offering a unique Biking Experience, The Bike Playground has so much to offer biking enthusiasts and newbies — the Philippines’ first Signature Pump Park, a 1 km Outdoor Trail, and an Outdoor Kids Track. The Bike Playground will no doubt encourage more Filipinos to take up biking and at the same time elevate the biking scene to another level.


Paseo Center is the 3,000th Branch of Anytime Fitness 24-hour Global Gym

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SAM_9837There simply is no excuse to not work out because the gym is open 24 hours at Anytime Fitness.  As soon as you wake up, you can go straight  to the gym before heading to work, or if you can’t sleep at night you can tire yourself out with  a simple routine.  So it’s not about having no time to work out.  Accessibility?  That’s the great part, there will be branches near  you and wherever you go, you have access to all branches of Anytime Fitness branches as a bonafide member.  Expense is certainly SAM_9831not an excuse either as you only pay a monthly fee not over P3,000.    So what other excuse can you possibly have for not working out and getting fit and healthy?  Lazy?  Then you just have to motive yourself with th12249945_10153348911727956_8823511865823475621_nat sexy dress and a swimsuit body poster as a target.  C’mon, time to work out.  You will feel a lot better after, guaranteed.

12274450_10153348911687956_7408208964444983793_nComplement your work out with a juju snack of pineapple juice and salad or cold brewed coffee with a mexican burrito. More

Hidden Cures with Wild Raspberries, Oyster Mushrooms at Bangkong Kahoy Valley

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SAM_9384SAM_9235As the Organic Agriculture Movement moves on, we find ourselves in the heart of Quezon province, between Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal. Bangkong kahoy Valley is a farm as well as a tourist destination where people can relax, take in the fresh air, read a book, take a stroll, write an article and simply be alone. The place is an ideal camp site where children can learn to preserve and respect nature. The owner, Dion Pullan, who prefers to be called the “caretaker” of the place as God is the one true land owner, made it his advocacy to educate the youth on the preservation, care and appreciation of nature.  As well as provide livelihood for the locals who need an alternative source of income instead of destroying the forest.

SAM_9417Because of the valley’s enviable cold weather, wild raspberries thrive and run wild in the land producing untapped medicinal properties still under review. It has been proven that the leaves of the wild raspberries has anti-inflammatory properties among other discoveries, while the raspberries have shown to have strong anti-oxidants in them. Oyster mushrooms are another source of healthy nutrients when grown the natural way. Recently, kale was discovered to thrive in Quezon’s encouraging weather.

SAM_9256There are still unexplored healing properties in wild plants thriving in Quezon weather so it seems but right to continue its propagation and studies. Funds are what farmer need now to continue their mission to grow healthy vegetables and fruits which may be the key to a certain health condition that don’t have known cures.

SAM_9310Who knows what other treasure of cures are hidden in these wild plants at Bangkong Kahoy Valley? Maybe a cure for lupus, psoriasis, arthritis, or other debilitating disease. Who really knows? So we must motivate and encourage our farmers and landowners to develop rich harvests the natural or organic way. It may be God’s way of sending help to eradicate debilitating diseases. It’s time to listen.


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Spa Treatment with a Dose of Electricity

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SAM_3380SAM_3399SAM_3398Back pains, neck pains, shoulder pains? . . . try electricity.  It will shock the pain out of you.  But seriously, it feels good.   I tried it at NULiving Spa in Binondo and it felt more soothing than anything. Making use of a fusion of Asian treatments that includes Chinese, Thai, Indian and Filipino, NULiving Spa Studio offers solutions to body aches caused by physical exertion or stress-induced factors through special massages or through the electricity treatment in combination with  the usual spa treatments.

The moment you enter, you feel good and healthy already, as the sweet smell of ginger penetrates your nostrils and lungs. The sound of water, soft music will relax you as you wait for your turn inside the clean, lowly-lit cubicles. The soft human touch against your skin completes the whole sensory experience (sound, scent, touch) which will  rejuvinate and de-stress you physically, mentally and…

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Organic Farming Advocacy: Grow, Buy, and Trade Locally


Health, Garbage, Food Supply, Flooding,,and Livelihood..These are the main problems that can be addressed by Organic Agriculture or OA.  Organic Agriculture is an advocacy that Department of Agriculture, SOAP or Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines and  Costales Farms in Laguna  advocate to help in the health and economic problems of the countrry.

 Niet Arceo, speaker from the Agri-training Institute and Costales Farm owner, Ronald Costales, invited some bloggers to help in the dissemination of this advocacy.  We were invited to stay overnight for a tour and a lecture on the concept of Organic Farming and its many benefits.
“Consumers must demand Organic Agricultural products to help the industry sustain this healthy, economically-helpful and environment-friendly effort,”  states Arceo as she began the lecture on Organic Farming  for the blogger guests.  She introduced Mr, Costales, who gave the next lecture, followed by members of SOAP. Two SOAP representatives, former corporate workers-turned-farmers, shared their experience and motives in being part of this organization.
“You don’t need to have acres of land to start a farm, even a small garden plot would do for a start,”  explained Ronald Costales, farmer, scientist, and Organic Agriculture advocate.   He shared to his blogger guests how he started his farm, the process of organic farming in his 5-hectare property, and how his children help in running the farm.  Most  of them graduated with courses related to Agriculture.  In tandem with OA, he also endorses “Zero Waste Farming.”, wherein garbage from the kitchen is utilized as fertilizer.  They did admit that a lot of effort was needed initially to get started, but it’s all worth the effort in the end.

Basically, this is I what I gathered from the lecture:

  • First it takes years to heal soil or help it regain its original nutrient-rich condition so plants will flourish.    For anyone who wants to start their own organic farm, you need to make sure your soil is healthy. If it is not, then you have to enrich it with compost, which involves mixing it with smelly, rotting garbage coming from the kitchen.  That is why it is important to segregate, so you can make use of rotting garbage as your soil enricher.
  • Another form of soil enricher is animal droppings, especially rabbit droppings that is rich in nitrogen.
  • When earthworms or other worms start to appear then that is a good sign your soil is getting rich.
  • After you plant your seedling or cuttings, then you apply organic pesticides on a regular basis.  No need to spend on fertilizers with chemicals but make your own from items you have in the kitchen, like vinegar mixed with water and a little salt.
  • You can also raise chickens, pigs, and rabbits for food as well as their droppings for fertilizer..
Mr. Costales explain that farmers share information with each other freely as they see no point in being competitive.  On the contrary, they need to work together as there are just too many mouths to feed.

The lecture was followed by a tour of the farm while the guests took photos of the beautiful Costales Farm Resort.  The guests were fed with fresh salad greens along with fish and home-raised  chicken and pork.  We were also given freshly squeezed dalandan juice and a fresh concoction of cucumber-tarragon juice.  After every meal, we had spearmint tea alternating with tarragon tea to help in our digestion.  The tea was flavourful and we would drink more than 2 pint-sized cups every time it was offered.

 Evening entertainment included a sing-along while we were being served lambanog and finger foods of veggie sticks,  krispy kangkong, French fries, and  freshly-picked arugula leaves.
We got up early the next morning to visit the nearby Taytay Falls, which included a 15 minute trek before reaching our destination.  We tried to capture all the beautiful scenery around us with our cameras before some of us took a dip into the  icy, fresh water of the falls. The whole experience was so refreshing, I feel like I got 80% healthier from inhaling  the fresh Laguna air for more than 24 hours  and from consuming  the organic meals all day..