Burning Vegetation by Gregg Yan (1)

Mountain fires take forever to put off. Takes days and weeks, by that time so much damage has been done. We must do our part in preventing this because more often than not, WE are the ones responsible. Carelessness and lack of concern. We must educate ourselves if we want to continue enjoying our forests, hiking, camping, or plainly breathing fresh air. We  must educate ourselves NOW.  Read on . . .

How Fire breaks, Education Can Save Philippine Mountains

By Gregg Yan

Clearly, El Niño, dry vegetation and fire don’t mix.

Mt. Apo, the country’s highest, Mt. Kanlaon, tallest of all Visayan peaks, and Bud Bongao, the holy mountain of Tawi-Tawi – are in flames.

Mt. Apo and Bud Bongao are burning because of errant campfires while Mt. Kanlaon discharged superheated rocks to ignite vegetation baked dry by El Niño. In April 2015, Mt. Kanlaon also lost 29 hectares due to an errant campfire.