Party and Work Out All Night Long at the Pure-Jus Zumba Party

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zumbathonThat sounds like a fantastic idea . . . partying while working out.  Why hasn’t anyone thought about  this sooner? Or am I just the last to know?  Zumba seems like a fun work out and that is what I need— to have fun in my workouts.  Sadly, I don’t have a regular form of exercise at the moment because it takes time away from what I need to do, which is write and blog among other time-consuming tasks.  But I do believe that I should start some form of exercise if I really value my health.  I’ve been crossing out so many exercise options such as gym work outs,  yoga, swimming, running, because it seems boring to do.  I still have to find an exercise I can enjoy so I would do it more often, instead of considering it like a chore and a form of torture.  I am lost when it comes to exercise.

I still have to  see if I would be able to do zumba on a regular basis, instead of just exploring it only one time.  Now the opportunity has presented itself and I would definitely give it a shot.

On April 1, there will be a Zumbathon party at the Amber Ultra lounge at the Fort starting 6pm.  Let’s see if  Certified Zumba Instructors Celine Encarnacion and Jennie Calonge can get me in the groove. You can join the event as well, here’s how . .

Here’s how to Join:
1.Pre-order 6 Pure-Jus Regular Blends from March 13, up until March 30, 2014. Orders can be placed by sending an SMS to 0917-8086781. (all orders are subject to availability of flavors)
2.Wait for an order confirmation and further instructions regarding payment thru e-mail.
3.Settle your payment as soon as you get confirmation to avoid forfeiting the slot
4.Send us a copy/ photo of your deposit slip.
5.You will be given a slot code which you will present upon registration.
6.Slots are limited so make sure that you secure your slot by ordering/paying early.
7.Ordered items will be distributed after the Zumba party.


More Than a Juicing Workshop

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SAM_9549SAM_9614Organic is now a term synonymous to good health. In consuming naturally-grown veggies and fruits in its purest form, as opposed to frying and boiling, you get to absorb more nutrients into your body to the point of doing away with supplementary vitamins. If you can make this a daily habit then you have an Organic Lifestyle, which makes a lot of sense. Opt for organic coffee, organic chicken, organic salad dressings and condiments over the non-organic brands when you can.SAM_9567

Juicing plays an important part of that organic lifesyle.

SAM_9524It’s a whole new mindset, habit, and lifestyle that needs getting used to at the start but when you get past the initial resistance, you are on your way to better healthy habits. As with experience, taste may be the first obstacle followed by the effort of seeking out out and budgetting for these organic produce. Then the preparation and cleaning after may also hold you back.

SAM_9536If you are in the market for reliable juicers, you may want to consider MATSTONE or BREVILLE brands as they offer more features. The Matstone multi-purpose juicer can effectively juice malunggay with stems, make sorbet, grind coffee and pepper,shave ice, milk from nuts and soybeans, and even extract oil.

SAM_9585Another resistance may be the price of juicing equipment. You can use a blender, why not? You just need to extract the liquid from the pulp after. It all depends on how willing you are to make the effort on a regular basis. But this should not be an excuse why you shouldn’t include juicing in you daily routine. I can’t stress enough the tremendous benefits of doing so.

SAM_9581If you can chew on the veggies and fruits right after picking and washing, that would be even better. But not all nutritious veggies are palatable so you need the help of friuts, that is where juicing comes in. For ways to juice and enjoy your drink, visit or come to SugarLeaf Organic Market and Cafe for healthy meals. Located at Medicard Lifestyle Center at Paseo De Roxas, Makati or at the Healthcube Building at 226 Wilson Street in Greenhills.

Hidden Cures with Wild Raspberries, Oyster Mushrooms at Bangkong Kahoy Valley

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SAM_9384SAM_9235As the Organic Agriculture Movement moves on, we find ourselves in the heart of Quezon province, between Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal. Bangkong kahoy Valley is a farm as well as a tourist destination where people can relax, take in the fresh air, read a book, take a stroll, write an article and simply be alone. The place is an ideal camp site where children can learn to preserve and respect nature. The owner, Dion Pullan, who prefers to be called the “caretaker” of the place as God is the one true land owner, made it his advocacy to educate the youth on the preservation, care and appreciation of nature.  As well as provide livelihood for the locals who need an alternative source of income instead of destroying the forest.

SAM_9417Because of the valley’s enviable cold weather, wild raspberries thrive and run wild in the land producing untapped medicinal properties still under review. It has been proven that the leaves of the wild raspberries has anti-inflammatory properties among other discoveries, while the raspberries have shown to have strong anti-oxidants in them. Oyster mushrooms are another source of healthy nutrients when grown the natural way. Recently, kale was discovered to thrive in Quezon’s encouraging weather.

SAM_9256There are still unexplored healing properties in wild plants thriving in Quezon weather so it seems but right to continue its propagation and studies. Funds are what farmer need now to continue their mission to grow healthy vegetables and fruits which may be the key to a certain health condition that don’t have known cures.

SAM_9310Who knows what other treasure of cures are hidden in these wild plants at Bangkong Kahoy Valley? Maybe a cure for lupus, psoriasis, arthritis, or other debilitating disease. Who really knows? So we must motivate and encourage our farmers and landowners to develop rich harvests the natural or organic way. It may be God’s way of sending help to eradicate debilitating diseases. It’s time to listen.


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Earth Hour Seeks Corporate Allies to Provide Fiberglass Bancas for Filipinos

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Bancas for the Philippines by Gregg Yan & WWF (2)Spiderman and Earth Hour Join Forces! (1)More than simply an annual “Lights Out” event, Earth Hour has reinvented itself as a crowd-funding platform for environmental initiatives, while still celebrating climate change solutions via a global 60-minute switch-off. Earth Hour 2014 is slated from 8:30pm to 9:30pm on Saturday night, 29 March.

Among the featured crowd-funding projects is Bancas for the Philippines, a project of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines). “Climate change is here, now. WWF is a forward-thinking organization, so it is time to think and act beyond relief,” notes WWF-Philippines Vice-chair and CEO Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan. “By enhancing the traditional banca design and providing fisherfolk with the resources to build new boats, we will minimize our growing dependence on local and foreign aid.”

 Initially conceived to help Yolanda-afflicted coastal communities in Northern Palawan and the Eastern Visayas, the project aims to introduce fiberglass boat-making technology to restore food security, increase climate resilience by reducing boat construction time, and decrease current reliance on hardwoods for banca construction. Through the support of donors, the project provides materials, training and boat moulds, which shall be awarded to selected communities so fisherfolk can build bancas to jumpstart self-sufficiency.

“The Philippines has been one of Earth Hour’s strongest supporters, having topped town and city participation levels from 2009 to 2013. In light of Typhoon Yolanda, it is now time for Earth Hour to work for us Filipinos ,” says Earth Hour Philippines Director Atty. Gia Ibay.

Banca Fiberglass Mould by Henry CoCompared to wooden boats, fiberglass bancas are lighter, easier, faster and cheaper to both build and maintain – with repairs as simple as patching up cracks and holes with epoxy or fiberglass. Unlike wood, fiberglass is completely watertight and does not expand when wet.

The project aims to restore food security while avoiding an increase in fishing pressure by ensuring that boats do not exceed 20 feet in length and are propelled chiefly by sails or paddles, promoting artisanal or small-scale fishing. To contribute to the goals of the year-long project, the Earth Hour crowd-funding platform aims to raise $24,000 for 60 bancas by mid-April.

“Give a man some fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you can feed him forever,” concludes Tan. “We invite corporations and individuals to support Bancas for the Philippines via the Earth Hour crowd-funding platform. Through your help, we can help Yolanda-hit prepare for the rougher seas brought about by climate change. Together, let us keep hope afloat.”

Donate here:

Watch the video here:

Even Villains Transform To Heroes For Earth Hour Blue

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Spiderman and Earth Hour Join Forces! (2)Press Release:

Jamie Foxx, who plays the villain, Electro, in the highly anticipated motion picture The Amazing Spider-Man 2, will be joining his co-stars, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, in calling on a global community to take simple action online to protect the planet.

As part of Earth Hour Blue, the revolutionary program launched by WWF’s Earth Hour, Foxx will support ‘Light Up A Village’, a clean energy project from WWF-Uganda. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actor is urging participants to go online and contribute funds to the ‘Light Up a Village’ crowdfunding project, which will provide solar lights and energy efficient mud stoves to families living around an area in Uganda that has come to be known as the “Earth Hour Forest.” Through the simple steps of supporting these vulnerable communities, the project aims to empower the locals to become the future protectors of the soon to be rehabilitated forest area.

Foxx was inspired by a passionate video from a small community of Super Heroes in Uganda who came together to show how the project could protect the newly planted trees by meeting the basic energy needs of the locals. The video explains how just one energy efficient mud stove can save up to 33 trees from being cut down annually and also save money by reducing a family’s expenses on firewood and charcoal.

“Earth Hour isn’t just about lights off – it’s about people across the world coming together throughout the year to join forces to improve the planet. If you haven’t yet, you need to get involved. Never underestimate your power. Never underestimate what you can do,” said Foxx.

In conjunction with the Earth Hour 2014 celebrations in Uganda, one million trees will be planted across the country by youths over the next year, with the majority earmarked to help fill the 2700 hectares of land marked out for the Earth Hour Forest initiative.

Another global solution-driven crowdfunding project on Earth Hour Blue for people to back is a Colombian conservation project for The Amazon that aims to protect endangered species like the jaguar, Andean bear, and the pink river dolphin, and work with indigenous communities to use and restore natural resources in a responsible way.

The crowdfunding project from WWF-Colombia, called “Lights OFF AmazON,” allows you to invest in the largest ecosystem and air, water and life producer on the planet by raising funds to implement infrastructure for sustainable industries for indigenous communities. Known as the “world’s lungs,” the Amazon is quickly disappearing with mining and ranching causing loss of species and pollution in the area.

The banner project of the Philippines – one of the countries hardest hit by recent typhoons – is Bancas for the Philippines. Conceived to help Haiyan-afflicted coastal communities in Northern Palawan and the Eastern Visayas, the project aims to introduce fiberglass boat-making technology to restore food security, increase climate resilience by reducing boat construction time, and decrease current reliance on hardwoods for banca construction. Through the support of donors, the project provides materials, training and boat moulds, which shall be awarded to selected communities so fisherfolk can build bancas to jumpstart self-sufficiency.

To contribute to the goals of the year-long project, the Earth Hour crowd-funding platform aims to raise $24,000 for 60 bancas by mid-April. So far, the platform has raised $1380, enough to build three boats.

Andy Ridley, CEO and Co-Founder for Earth Hour, announced today, “What we’re seeing is a massive group of Super Heroes around the world who are calling on support for incredible campaigns to address the environmental issues we’re facing in our daily lives.  That’s why we built Earth Hour and Earth Hour Blue, so now it’s up to you to help bring together this global momentum to show what can be achieved when we use our power together.”

Earth Hour event activities will be amplified on islands across the world, with music becoming a major focus to inspire environmental action in the places on the forefront of climate change and sea level rise. Reggae artists in Jamaica will perform an acoustic concert for the second year running; and in Tahiti, 5000 people will gain entry to a massive acoustic concert at Stade Paster by handing in a piece of recyclable waste they’ve collected to avoid landfill.

Following the recent announcement that Spider-Man is the first Super Hero ambassador for Earth Hour, the global movement organised by WWF, the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be on hand to help to switch off the lights across Singapore’s signature Marina Bay skyline on Saturday March 29, at 8.30pm as part of WWF-Singapore’s flagship Earth Hour event.

Expanding on many sustainability efforts over the years, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 became the most eco-friendly tentpole production in the history of Columbia Pictures. These environmental efforts, on set and off, were supported at every level – from producers, studio executives, and cast and crew and began as soon as the film went into pre-production.

“I’m very proud of the fact that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is entirely carbon-neutral.  We made a commitment to be as eco-conscious as possible during production itself, when we took a special effort to think green and avoid waste; now, completing that process with Earth Hour Blue is a wonderful testament to what we can achieve when we all work together,” says Jeff Blake, Chairman, Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“Use your power at, so you too can become a Super Hero like Spider-Man, Earth Hour’s Super Hero ambassador,” said Foxx.