Live Life, Eating Like You Should

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Going vegetarian may not be an easy goal especially if one enjoyed eating meat since childhood. Ageing and cellulite has certainly put a dent in our gastronomSAM_2742ic adventures. Time to accept the inevitable with grace and go with the flow to a new direction towards healthy eating. There’s no choice if we want to maintain a healthy, productive life as we grow older. But wait, it does not have to be such a huge sacrifice especially when the dishes are just as delicious. Why would going vegetarian be a sacrifice when your taste buds are satisfied and you have no regrets or remorse after consuming a feast of greens and fruits? Life is short, so you’ve got to Live Life.



Valentines Everyday with Home-made Chocolate

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SAM_0302SAM_0298Why limit Valentines celebration to 24 hours, why not  celebrate love everyday with those you love and care about.  Each month or week or day, you can show a friend, neighbor, officemate or even your hardworking cleaning lady some love and appreciation with a simple token that can spell the difference between a good day or a bad one.   It would certainly make their day or simply make them smile for a moment. Extend the mood, the celebration, the effort of that special day to give Happy Hearts Day more value than simply a shallow once-a-year effort of buying  chocolates and flowers with jacked-up prices SAM_0319for commercial establishments to make a killing.  Make the day a reminder to try and make others smile or give them good vibes with chocolate you made yourself.

SAM_0322Too much chocolate will surely be unhealthy because of the sugar content. So  make  healthier chocolates by using sugar alternatives that won’t get in the way of a diabetic person’s enjoyment of these sweets. Healthy Eats Organic Cafe and Store  together with Raw Yogini share chocolate recipes for the love month.


Apple Pie, Fudge Brownies, Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecans, New Pinkberry Flavors

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10425457_10152765030712956_8904565601162551619_nSAM_6693Indescribable goodness. Pinkberry must have gone all the way to heaven and back with their new yogurt creations.  Richness, creaminess, sweetness, and tanginess in a serving of Pinberry especially with their new desserts: Warm apple pie and fudge brownies topped with your choice of freshly swirled Pinkberry yogurt.  Words simply cannot capture the experience, you’ll just have to try it to understand the true joy of a pinkberry goodness.  A wonderful treat for the health and fitness buff.

10409099_10152765017102956_7206579570296241435_nPinkberry Apple Pie a la mode captures the classic taste of apple pie. The base is made with real baked apples and cinnamon crumble which is then topped with your choice of Original, Vanilla Bean, or Salted Caramel yogurt and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

SAM_6690Pinkberry Brownie a la mode has chocolate chip brownies swimming in decadent warm chocolate fudge syrup topped with your choice of Original, Vanilla Bean, Butter Pecan or Salted Caramel yogurt and sprinkled with almonds and shaved milk chocolate for an added crunch.

But wait, here’s more . . . they have two new yogurt flavors to keep you in a happy mood.

SAM_6695The Pinkberry chocolate chip cookie yogurt provides an innovative way to enjoy your favorite cookie. This flavor is made with real cookie pieces for a delicious, creamy and sweet taste. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pinkberry can be enjoyed on its own or topped with Pinkberry’s premium toppings such as semi-sweet chocolate chips, mini milk chocolate gems, cookie dough, honey almond granola, whipped cream or chocolate sauce. Mix and match them to create a new taste experience each time.

1969378_10152765014357956_3052334712406150954_nButter Pecan Pinkberry is a smooth maple-noted yogurt with roasted pecans that embodies the indulgent, velvety taste of the classic ice cream. Butter Pecan Pinkberry can be enjoyed on its own. To give it a different dimension, you can top it with caramelized pecans, bananas, toasted almonds, caramel sauce, or light agave.

Now you’ve got more toppings and flavors you can handle making it a tough decision on what to mix and match. A sweet and happy problem, I must say.

To get a taste of Pinkberry’s Swirly Goodness, visit Pinkberry in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, SM Aura, Power Plant Mall, and SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Or log on to or their Facebook page

Win a Pin11009219_10152765055147956_7897775655723099303_nkberry Party!

10 special sized yogurt with 2 toppings each, FREE!

All you have to do is post your most refreshing Pinkberry summer photo on Facebook and/or Instagram and use #refreshingpinkberrysummer.

The 8 photos (4 Facebook and 4 Instagram) with the most likes will win a Pinkberry Party (10 special sized yogurt with 2 toppings), which can be claimed at any Pinkberry store.

The contest will run from March to June. Two winners (1 Facebook and 1 Instagram) will be announced on the 30th day of each month.

10403597_10152765040502956_3238654615244723723_nAbout  Pinkberry

Pinkberry reinvented the frozen yogurt category when it launched in West Hollywood, California in January, 2005. The handcrafted yogurt bar offers the original tart and tangy frozen yogurt that is the perfect balance of tart and sweet, resulting in a light, refreshing and clean taste that is truly craveable. Each serving uses only real non-fat yogurt and real non-fat milk for the best tasting yogurt experience.

Pinkberry’s thoughtfully selected premium toppings number to thirty, categorized into four – dry, fruit, luxe and liquid. Each topping is chosen to provide a taste and texture combination to complement their signature frozen yogurt. Their fruits are always fresh, never from a can, frozen or sitting in water.

Pinkberry is one of the fastest growing retail brands globally with over 240 stores across 17 countries. The Philippines is its first market in Asia. Greenbelt 5, their flagship store in the country opened last December 7, 2011.

When they launched ten years ago, they only had two flavors:  original and green tea.  Today the brand has gained a pop culture icon status and has expanded its menu to over 18 flavors that are rotated seasonally. In addition to frozen yogurt, Pinkberry also offers fruit parfaits, fruit bowls, smoothies and waffle cookie sandwiches.