Madonna, Marilyn Munroe, and Charlie Chaplin did it. Even Pope Pius XII did it. They all underwent living cell therapy in the clinic of Prof. Dr. Block or Prof. Dr. Niehans. That’s confidential information, by the way, while they were alive—Marilyn Munroe and Charlie Chaplin. Luckily, Madonna is not secretive about the fact that she underwent this life extending therapy.
The central idea of this treatment is basically stimulating and revitalizing weak and damaged organ cells caused by age and disease.
As we grow old, our cells weaken and get damaged easily. That is why our skin wrinkles, we get white hair, and our joints and bones start to deteriorate. When injected with fresh cells, the goal is to stimulate and revitalize our “slowing-down” cells to go on active mode. So that we feel energized and the ageing process is put on standstill or delayed.

28616338_10155500510742956_9037329275752836962_oOn the other side, the cells are strengthened with this therapy to fight diseases and other malfunctions of the body as we age. Examples of this include sleep disorders, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s disease and other ageing problems. For the younger group, this treatment is also for birth defects and abnormalities like cerebral palsy, eye disease, after effects of polio, autism, down syndrome among others.

“It’s not a cure or healing treatment but rather an improvement in the quality of life,” clarifies Dr. Daniel Block, grandson of Dr. Siegfried Block. He futher emphasizes, “it’s not for everyone. It’s a choice . . . for people who want a natural way to feel and look better”.

D. Siegfried Block GmbH & Clinic Dr. Block is always the top choice when it comes to fresh cell therapy because of its ancestry of excellence. It all started with Dr. Paul Niehans, the father of modern living cell therapy. His student Dr. Siegfried Block started using cell therapy 60 years earlier then passed on his knowledge and expertise to his daughter, Dr. Petra Block. She studied Fresh Cell Therapy under her father until she became the Medical Director of the Clinic. Her son, Dr. Daniel Block, has been working as the Managing Director since 2009.

The clinic breeds and maintains its own herd of around 700 mountain sheep exclusively for the gaining of living cells. Living cell therapy means that cells and minute cell unions derived from unborn or young mountain sheep are extracted under clinical conditions in its EU-certified laboratory, suspended in a natural solution immediately injected into the patient.

Engrs Bobit Bernardo and Cathy Serrano are the country’s representative of DSBlock Cell Therapy Phils. Co. They made the treatment accessible for the Filipinos in hope of providing a safe and natural treatment option for them.
The process before scheduling a treatment to be done in Germany will begin with an assessment done by doctors in the country after initial consultation. This assessment will be forwarded to Dr. Block’s clinic for approval (if the treatment will help with your problem) before issuance of a visa. Not all cases will be accepted depending on how advanced the problem already is, the potential client will be informed ahead of time to save him time and money.

Schedule of the 6-Day Treatment is as follows:
Saturday or Sunday: Arrival
Sunday: Electrocardiograms and clinical examinations
Monday: Lab tests
Tuesday: Living cell injections followed by bed rest
Wednesday: Day of rest, blood test explanation
Thursday: Patients are allowed to take short walks outside after mid-day
Friday: Instructions on what to do and what not to do to manage the treatment, additional lab tests if necessary
Saturday: Departure after breakfast
For further inquiries on booking schedules and treatment list, you can contact Engr. Cathy Serrano at 0917 824 0786 or email at dsblockphils@gmail.com or dsblockphils@yahoo.com. The Philippine office is located at Rm 2407 Vinia Tower, EDSA, Quezon City.