Going vegetarian may not be an easy goal especially if one enjoyed eating meat since childhood. Ageing and cellulite has certainly put a dent in our gastronomSAM_2742ic adventures. Time to accept the inevitable with grace and go with the flow to a new direction towards healthy eating. There’s no choice if we want to maintain a healthy, productive life as we grow older. But wait, it does not have to be such a huge sacrifice especially when the dishes are just as delicious. Why would going vegetarian be a sacrifice when your taste buds are satisfied and you have no regrets or remorse after consuming a feast of greens and fruits? Life is short, so you’ve got to Live Life.

SAM_2755Live Life, located at 2240 Pasong Tamo, is a quaint word-of-mouth vegetarian restaurant that you would not easily spot right away. The place is humbly tucked inside the former PSID school where it can accommodate about 20 people for now.
SAM_2749What began as a meeting place for good friends who are into organic food became a quaint vegetarian restaurant that shares and advocates nutritious meals for the public. Now people have a choice to eat healthy with vegetarian restaurants that are accessible. Vegetables in coconut cream and Pineapple Quinoa go together well as the richness of the thick coconut cream is balanced off by the sweet and fresh taste of the pineapple flavored rice. You can also try the Mushroom Quinoa with the Eggplant in Saikyo miso dish or savor the garlicky pesto pasta. These dishes don’t make me crave for rich, oily dishes anymore. Maybe you can begin with these tasty dishes to get you started before exploring their other vegan dishes.
SAM_2756For beverage,  you can’t go wrong with their buko shake.  One of the best if you ask me. Another good option is the Chocolate Banana Shake, made from raw cacao, agave, and almond milk. For dessert, you can try their halo halo with almond milk in chia seeds or ensaymada or turon with hot chocolate. So good, if that doesn’t convince to go to the green side I don’t know what will.  If you want to try all their dishes, drop by during their Saturday Veggie Buffet for only P350,  lunch (11am-3pm) or dinner (5pm-8pm).

Live Life is about going healthy , being selective about what you put inside your body. First, it is all about choosing the right organic produce that packs a good amount of vitamins and nutrition for the body to be in tip top shape. Then, it is about creating the flavors that will delight the taste buds.
SAM_2747Eating vegetables and being healthy starts with a positive and confident attitude that you can change your bad eating habits and  be happy about the results. With that firmly in mind, your body will follow and start to enjoy what it needs. Then when you see even just a minor change, that will be the point of no return. You will start to enjoy the habit and even start looking forward to eating healthily everyday.
SAM_2753In the early stages of transition, it would be better for you to visit the experts who can make veggie meals a craving. With an owner who is a nutrionist and a medical professional, Dr. Sylvia Cancio, you are assured of well-planned nutritious meal at Live Life.