SAM_2292Before I wrap up our Bukidnon Farm Tour with the final activity in our Bukidnon itinerary, let me recap my first 3-day Mindanao farm experience.
After landing in Laguindinang airport of Cagayan de Oro, we went straight to t13235513_10153755580477956_7505641769590644436_o (1)he Cervantes farm and enjoyed an organic feast of homegrown harvests while learning new insights and ideas from the enthusiastic farmer Honorio Cervantes. We proceeded to Alomah farm to spend the night in a cool, rural-type accomodation amidst the fresh chilly night air . . . forget airconditioning.

Our group had a chance to view the Delmonte plantation an13268055_10153758103052956_5578190313695357916_od take some souvenir photos on our 3-hour long trip to Jaya Secret Garden. Another feast of healthy lunch awaited us there which included home-made herbal beverages and home-harvested vegetable,fish and duck dishes. After filling our tummies, our mind was filled with information and new farm method discoveries.

For an ext13244260_10153758114947956_1185426161331840845_o (1)ra treat, we were taken to Bukidnon’s version of Enchanted Kingdom at Dahilayan Forest Park . After a quick tour, the rains signalled it was time to depart for our next farm tour destination—The Binahon Agro-Forestry Farm.
We visited a successful enterprising farmer, Mr. Henry Binahon and his wife, Perla, owners of Binahon Agro-Forestry Farm, who’s success story was inspiring and moti13244207_10153760169582956_2116323928326345561_ovating for future farmers. We tasted their carrot juice and carrot bread, and I took home a bottle of their home-made honey. We toured the perimeter of the 2-hectare farm after spending the night in their spacious accommodations which consisted of 3 rooms with double-decker beds and mattresses fit for students and barkadas.

SAM_2294When it was time to proceed to our next destination, we were graciously accompanied by Mr. Binahon and his wife to Mt. Kitanglad Agri-Ecological Techno Demo Center. Because of the steep climb, we had to get off the van and walk the rest of the way to the venue.
SAM_2296Farmer Ben Maputi was our next host and guide. He shared information about his citronella plantation and passion fruit. Presently, he is a supplier to a popular brand called Human Nature. We climbed Mt. Kitanglad as he shared updates about activities in the mountain forest as well as its care.
SAM_2342Clearly, the diversity of plants in the forest is an unexplored medicine cabinet for possible cures to grave illnesses caused by pollutants and toxins. We just need to preserve and explore further instead of destroying these natural life-saving treasures. Diversity is key in maintaining healthy produce with less inconvience . . . is what I was hearing over and over again in the tour. Plant naturally and you will reap healthy life-enhancing, physical healing harvests.
13305097_10153760538382956_8729864474058953383_oThe Mt. Kintanglad climb was an experience that scared the heck out of a non-mountain climber like me as I realized there was no turning back. This may sound silly to hard core mountain climbers, but I was quietly fearful of my life with the narrow , slippery foot path and abrupt slopes. Not to mention the rattan pointy “clingers” that stuck to my skin as I slightly skidded. I don’t mind trying something new—even beyond my comfort zone like mountain-climbing and cave exploring— but these activities will only be a one-time experience for me. Mud, insects, and crawling animals are not my thing.

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