SAM_2176With the destruction of our forests caused by excessive logging and resulting in calamities like flooding, drought, and low food supply, it’s time to find a solution fast.  Who you gonna call?

SAM_2219You can call Binahon Agro Forestry Farm or BAFF for their expertise on Forest development. BAFF owners Henry Binahon and his wife have been long in the business to know the most efficient way to rebuild a forest. A mix of studies, experience, and common sense, these couple would be our country’s version of forest whisperers.

SAM_2232After spending lunch and an afternoon at Jaya Secret Garden, the group proceeded to Binahon Farm which was a bit of an uphill climb.  Our vans could only take us to a certain point before we had to trek a kilometer to our destination.  After we settled in with our luggage at our designated rooms, we SAM_2262proceeded to the meeting room for a briefing and a taste of their specialty carrot juice and carrot bread for snack.  We were welcomed by BAFF owners Henry and Perla Binahon who shared their love story and their dedication to agriculture development.

Based on his lectSAM_2135ure, it was clear that farming could be a profitable business that should  provide jobs for the rural community.  BAFF is a family business that generates income through its produce and by-products to help keep the farm in business.  BAFF helps in the advocacy of sharing information and developing forests for the greater public but at the same time it has to find ways to generate income through sale of seedlings, forest development, landscaping, and consumer products like carrSAM_2144ot juice, carrot cake and bread, honey among others.  Merchandising products such as shirts, mugs, pens are also included for sale.

SAM_2286The Binahon farm is clearly one of the successful business enterprises in the realm of agriculture due in part to its longevity in the business but also mainly to the business-minded owners who found ways to earn with their current resources. Resourcefulness, practicality, and creativity are common traits I observe in all these farmer-entrepreneurs, the next generation can truly learn a lot from their business models.

SAM_2190The Binahon farm is also a learning/practicum institution for students and other new farmers to visit and explore new methods that will work for their own farms.  Students would explore fertilizer formulas with the resources available in the farm guided by the staff.  The successful formula is shared with fellow farmers.
This farm grSAM_2157oup had the most comprehensive  lecture and presentation that provided a clear overall picture of their business. The discussion was easy to follow in its orderly presentation, not jumping between topics.

What also struck me as a brilliant idea is the utilization of animals like pigs to replace extra labor on a certain tasks like digging the soil.  Monitoring is critical though or else the pigs
may eat the harvest if left unsupervised.  This was shared by Mr. Binahon with regards to one of the crop production and cycle during the hour long trek around the property.  A lot of farming technology is developed here with the huge variety of plants available at their disposal.SAM_2109

“Nature calls for diversity, monocropping attracts pests,” shares Binahon. The message is clear: don’t go against mother nature, she calls the shots. Go with the flow and everything will go well: less damages, less cost, more harvests.

Below are snippets of the tour in order of sequence for you to have a feel of the Binahon Agriculture and Forestry Farm tour  (audio is not so great but the information is)