Farm Tourism is on the rise. How could it not be? Who wouldn’t want to take a break from traffic, work stress, junk food, air and noise pollution and try  living in a farm? Refresh the body, mind and soul for a few days with fresh air, organic dishes, peace and quiet surroundings. Be far away from the stress of daily living and be one with nature. One such place is the cool mountain hide-away of Alomah’s Place.

SAM_1812The second organic farm we visited gave us a feel of the farm life as we spent a welcome chilly night at Alomah’s Place.
After lunch and tour at Cervantes Farm, we took 3 hour trip, give and take, to this rodeo-like farm at the end of the Delmonte plantation road. Almost the only 2 vans on the road on our way to the farm, our convoy of media bloggers crossed 3 vehicles at most as we neared our destination. It felt like an isolated road on a rainy afternoon but we took the opportunity to take a quick nap before arriSAM_1918ving to our second farm.
We were welcomed by the owners Ben John and Grace Mahistrado, who served us a healthy snack of fresh tea leaves and salad as they briefed us on the history of the place. Spearmint, stevia, and tarragon leaves steeped in hot water , no sugar or tea bags, was how we took our tea.  How fresh and natural was that. We had to forgo the tour until the next morning because of the rains.

SAM_1790The main area where we had our meals and briefing is a nipa hut-like structure  which gave us a true farm and rural life feel. You can see between the slits on the walls and easily hear conversations on the second floor and out of the building. The focus of the main welcome area is the rodeo trophies and awards, we were told that Ben John was fond of horses and maintained a few stallions for competitions. I had a chance to ride one of his star horses, named Rifle, the next day.

We spent the night in tents on the second floor of the main welcome area whose flooring is made of cool bamboo material. Shared male and female bathrooms are located on the ground floor near our sleeping area. I just enjoyed the cool night air, similar to that of Baguio weather, and wanted to stay up longer but we had to be up early the next morning to catch the sunrise and have a tour before breakfast.

We viewed the different kinds of lettuce plantation and fish farm before viewing the picture-perfect lake. Towards the end of the tour, we had a chance to meet and ride Rifle, an arabian stallion, for a souvenir photo.

The 2-hectare land offers a small park for the kids, comfortable cottages,SAM_1911 and a convention hall where some Agriculture department staff were holding a meeting while we were in the area. Alomah’s Place, a name derived from combining the last names of Ben John and Grace, offers salad greens and dressing as their income source as well as the rent of their accommodations. They supply restaurants with romaine, arrugula, iceberg lettuce among other greens.

Overall, it was an experience of country-life away from the crowds and a chance to simply enjoy nature in peace.





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