SAM_0386.JPGSAM_0365Have you ever heard of anyone turning down millions of dollars  because they refuse to cut down trees? You don’t hear that happen everyday or ever at all. No one ever takes the environment’s side, money will always win.   But wait, it did happen to a certain Mr. Jun Palafox of Palafox Architecture Group Inc. This environment-respecting architect and his company wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.  He and his company became controversial after such an incident  because it seems incomprehensible for someone to refuse such a huge amount and displease a big time client.

SAM_0360The Palafox Group, a top architectural firm in the country,  have projects internationally as well as within the Philippines.  In their travels, they have seen the value of working along with the environment instead of against it.  And more often than not,  opting for pro-environment ways pays off in the end.  The loss from a rejected project is replaced by many more.

SAM_0366Felino “Jun” Palafox and his group is leading the industry by example amidst some income opportunity losses and even threats from political personalities. The usual culprits of environment-destruction include large corporations, developers, and architects so it is not common for architects to go against the flow.

SAM_0369Palafox’s love for parks and greeneries have won him admiration that have made him bolder and more vocal against companies who disregard the laws of nature.  He explores and searches for new pro-environment products whenever possible.  In his own way, he is looking into creating communities with lots of green spaces and spaces with green elements for a healthier, happier population.  Not an easy task for middle scale architectural firms, and for a well-recognized firm like Palafox, it is still a big leap to risk huge profits. Nevertheless, someone has to do it. Projects still come in so the company knows that they are  doing something right.

SAM_0353Clearly, Palafox designs present a more pleasing feel and look over plain concrete structures as we had a chance to view their past works and their new office space at Salcedo Village in Makati.  Their new office at the 5th floor PCCI Corporate Center, 118 Leviste Street was befitting the company’s world-class reputation.  During the office launch that was held last February 5, we were able to have an interesting chat with Mr. Palafox about his past and ongoing projects here and abroad.  His candid sharing of the company’s vision, current ongoings in the industry, and openness for feedback on our ideas of a dream community made him quite credible and appealing enough to win over our admiratioSAM_0379n and support.  Most of us felt drawn to his mission and vision that was not just for the company, but for the general public that we were but eager to lend our support to his plight.
When asked if it was alright to take photos within the premises and if everything he disclosed was “on the record”, he said he had nothing to fear if. shared to the public.  I thought to myself, there goes another good leader who sticks his neck out for a worthy cause thus deserves much attention. I also felt  assured that there was someone in the industry  who will take the side of  environment whenever possible and be an example to other architects.