IMG_9764In a launch held at the Subic Bay Freeport, Taiwanese TECO Group and Ropali motorcycle joint venture, ROTECO, presented the latest environmental friendly electric vehicle, the E-Jeepney & E-Trike, along with an easy to use smart payment and fleet management system created by Intelligent Transportation Solution (ITS).

As part of the Jeepney Modernization program of the Department of Transportation and Communications, new E-Jeepney will be equipped with ITS for e-ticketing and GPS location tracking.  Aside from its smart payment capacity, ITS also has GPS tracking to monitor fleet operation, which includes Location, Time of Route, Speed, Power Consumption, and Power train Conditions. Data collected from ITS can be analyzed and presented in a user-friendly and ease-to-use way for business assesment, such as carbon emission reduction estimation throughout the years.

According to TECO CEO George Lien, one of ITSs’ most outstanding features is the system’s abiltiy to calculate the distance each passenger has traveled and the fare collected  from each individual, which is the same as the current jeep fair. Refer to “Public Utility Jeepney Fare Guide” from Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). ITS also transmits real-time passenger information to the backend control center. This new e-ticketing provides efficient fare collection and also ensure passenger’s safety riding on the vehicle.