SAM_9418CrowdTime to turn the spotlight  on Mandaluyong and see what the city has to offer. Weekends at the Mandala Park could be a start.  Visit their once a month weekend market for food, music, entertainment with the family or friends.  The Mandala Park weekend market gives visitors a chance to unwind after a tiring work week. Serving up another feast, the second installment brings back crowd favorites like Fog City Creamery’s organic preservative-free ice cream, Scout Honor’s made-on-the-spot cookies, and Ribs Manila’s smoked pulled pork. While Fruit Magic brings back their cold-pressed juices, Stanford & Shaw is delighting second-timers and newbies with a taste of their guilt-free citrusy ginger ale. Rounding up the list of returning merchants are: B&T Mexican Kitchen, Ramen Iroha, and IAmKim.

SAM_9423New additions include makers of Hawaiian ceviche Poke Boy and the handcrafted delicatessen of Mister Delicious, Mister Fluffies which uses organic sugar in making their cotton candy, and Pedro Brewcrafters who make their beers in-house in San Pedro, Laguna. These four, along with the other chosen merchants are not only great examples of businesses that help the sustainable movement gain more ground in the country, they are also contributors of support for local businesses and industries, particularly in the agricultural sector.

SAM_9420For this month’s installment, the guest performance is courtesy of award-winning singer, producer, and songwriter Kat Agarrado of SinoSikat?, an ensemble known for their soul-infused rhythms. Through the Mandala Park weekend market, Litton & Co. actively gentrifies the urban environment of Mandaluyong by creating avenues that make it easier for people to take a breather while enjoying soothing sounds and sumptuous food with traceable origins.

Mandala Park takes shape and color, Green from Inside Out

Marco Lobregat_JJ Yulo_Nadine Howell-Fanlo

Marco Lobregat_JJ Yulo_Nadine Howell-Fanlo

More and more people are aspiring for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The pace of living in today’s thriving districts, however, makes it hard for urban dwellers to take time out to unwind, let alone adopt green ideals.

Litton & Co, Inc., an emerging real estate player and a witness to the gentrification of Mandaluyong’s landscape, responds by staging another weekend market set to enliven their 3.2-hectare enclave into an avenue of wellness.

CEO Dr. Joseph Litton-Gallego

CEO Dr. Joseph Litton-Gallego

By curating merchants that offer traceable homegrown fares, Litton is actually cultivating a community that thrives on sustainable ideals. With the first salvo held last month, the second installment of the monthly affair brings to fore Mandala Park’s gradual transformation as its architecture begins to embody the nature of Litton’s vision.

SAM_9424Merchants that use locally sourced produce help further the sustainability movement. Food prepared with ingredients of traceable origins produce smaller carbon footprints. Less waste is generated the closer the production, manufacturing, and consumption is. Most of the merchants on Mandala Park’s roster exemplify this standard.

An overgrowth of foliage now enveloping the property’s façade shows visitors the depth of Litton’s intent. By having it draped with a green wall that effectively reduces carbon emissions, Mandala Park unravels into a space that will take denizens to a green cleansing, the kind that shows the promise of nature’s integration within the urban ecosystem.

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