Trying to save the earth is a work in progress. Not all solutions may be perfect. Some have kinks along the way, but when one is  desperate there is a tendency to place all hope on that one possible solution even if it is still in its trial stage.  We don’t have that much time, all possible solutions to save the earth will be considered.  Don’t let people discourage you and make you lose all hope  . . . because hope is all we have for now.  Make that change, though perhaps a seemingly tiny step.  What seems insignificant for one’s effort may be a powerful force when done together.  Let’s all unite in turning that small step into a big leap for the earth.

The hour is coming once again where we renew our commitment to make changes to save the earth.  Let’s make the right decisions from here on, stick to it and revise if need be, but don’t stop moving forward.