SAM_1266SAM_1248Why pop a tablet right away the moment you feel headache, dizziness, sneezing, runny nose, or a warm forehead? These are just symptoms or warnings  your body is sending you that there is something wrong. Having a fever is your body’s way of telling you that it is fighting a virus or that there is an infection somewhere. The wrong response is to stop the message immediately like taking painkillers or an aspirin. Why take these chemically-produced tablets for minor symptoms right away? Overkill.
SAM_1269Try natural methods first, like rest, drinking lots of water and taking in vitamin C. Simple, practical, natural. In cases like this, I always go back to around the time of Adam and Eve and not long after, where there were no hospitals, pharmacies and groceries to run to, just a large garden for your nutrition and medical supplies. The Garden of Eden is the only place where you can heal your body through rest, giving it proper nutrition with healthy fruits and vegetables, and picking out medicinal plants for minor ailments.  During that time, it is the only place for everything else . . . but let us focus on healing.  The Garden of Eden is  the best concept to get my message across: Heal the body Naturally First before resorting to ingesting chemicals, which in the long run, may have an adverse effect or make matters more complicated when the solution is plain and simple.
SAM_1261Most of us don’t have overflowing cash to keep visiting hospitals or buying expensive medications. Too many of us don’t earn enough to set aside for an emergency health crisis, so the more practical way to go is to maintain health on a daily basis. How? By eating the right food, opting for the nutritious dish over the cholesterol and diabetis-encouraging dishes; Cooking or preparing meals that help preserve the natural vitamins and minerals of fruits and vegetables; Selecting the naturally grown produce that will help your body heal itself. Chemicals and preservatives get in the way of your body’s natural healing abilities.
SAM_1253When your body suddenly tells you that you need a rest from the daily stress with a major headache or dizzy spells, or when your stomach tells you that you ate something bad through stomach pains, LISTEN. Don’t muffle the message, by taking in a Biogesic or a Diatab right away. Try taking the day off, simply lie down and take a nap.  Or let your body clean out the dirt, don’t stop your body from eliminating the toxins by taking a tablet for the discomfort. Allow your body to heal itself naturally.
SAM_0439According to Chiropractor Dr. Miguel Flores DC, “The best healer is the brain. It tells the body what to do.” Another reason for migraines, dizzyness and other body discomforts may be due to non-alignment of the spine to the head. This happens because we carry heavy loads, regular sport activities, accidental falls, as well as daily activities that tug at our muscles and bones. It’s common to get our spine misaligned with our everyday physical activities. So we need to visit a certified Chiropractor, who understands how to properly manipulate our bodies, to keep our body in tip top shape. No need to ingest chemicals.  Chiropractors make use of x-rays and the finger-probing of critical spots especially the “atlas” or the bone that connects the base of the skull to the spine, to be able to pinpoint the problem.

Several who have undergone the treatment will share the positive, refreshing, rejuvinating and relaxing after-effect. But, but, but, you must not just trust any untrained physical therapist to snap bones or even manipulate the spine as this may cause paralysis or death in the worst case scenario. Always look for a certification.
SAM_1249Unfortunately, there are not many laws protecting the public from uncertified, self-proclaimed chiropractors so be wise in your selection. Ask for recommendations and look for certifications. Warning, there are less than 10 certified, legal chiropractors in the Philippines so make sure they are on the list that I will be posting here should you want to explore this treatment.
SAM_1260After a short introduction, briefing, initial treatment with an x-ray at Dr. Flores’ clinic at Jupiter Place in Makati, I got a taste of what to expect and the procedures involved. The whole idea of body maintenance through proper nutrition and spine alignment appealed to me a lot, considering that I do advocate a natural lifestyle including natural remedies to common ailments and avoidance of chemicals and preservatives. If you are reading this until this point, then chances are you are interested and agree with my NATURAL way of life philosophy. Why not give it a shot before taking in those never-ending prescription pills. Though we love our doctors for their wonderful skills and specializations in helping us with specific ailments, let’s not run to them right away for a minor complaint.

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