zumbathonThat sounds like a fantastic idea . . . partying while working out.  Why hasn’t anyone thought about  this sooner? Or am I just the last to know?  Zumba seems like a fun work out and that is what I need— to have fun in my workouts.  Sadly, I don’t have a regular form of exercise at the moment because it takes time away from what I need to do, which is write and blog among other time-consuming tasks.  But I do believe that I should start some form of exercise if I really value my health.  I’ve been crossing out so many exercise options such as gym work outs,  yoga, swimming, running, because it seems boring to do.  I still have to find an exercise I can enjoy so I would do it more often, instead of considering it like a chore and a form of torture.  I am lost when it comes to exercise.

I still have to  see if I would be able to do zumba on a regular basis, instead of just exploring it only one time.  Now the opportunity has presented itself and I would definitely give it a shot.

On April 1, there will be a Zumbathon party at the Amber Ultra lounge at the Fort starting 6pm.  Let’s see if  Certified Zumba Instructors Celine Encarnacion and Jennie Calonge can get me in the groove. You can join the event as well, here’s how . .

Here’s how to Join:
1.Pre-order 6 Pure-Jus Regular Blends from March 13, up until March 30, 2014. Orders can be placed by sending an SMS to 0917-8086781. (all orders are subject to availability of flavors)
2.Wait for an order confirmation and further instructions regarding payment thru e-mail.
3.Settle your payment as soon as you get confirmation to avoid forfeiting the slot
4.Send us a copy/ photo of your deposit slip.
5.You will be given a slot code which you will present upon registration.
6.Slots are limited so make sure that you secure your slot by ordering/paying early.
7.Ordered items will be distributed after the Zumba party.