SAM_9549SAM_9614Organic is now a term synonymous to good health. In consuming naturally-grown veggies and fruits in its purest form, as opposed to frying and boiling, you get to absorb more nutrients into your body to the point of doing away with supplementary vitamins. If you can make this a daily habit then you have an Organic Lifestyle, which makes a lot of sense. Opt for organic coffee, organic chicken, organic salad dressings and condiments over the non-organic brands when you can.SAM_9567

Juicing plays an important part of that organic lifesyle.

SAM_9524It’s a whole new mindset, habit, and lifestyle that needs getting used to at the start but when you get past the initial resistance, you are on your way to better healthy habits. As with experience, taste may be the first obstacle followed by the effort of seeking out out and budgetting for these organic produce. Then the preparation and cleaning after may also hold you back.

SAM_9536If you are in the market for reliable juicers, you may want to consider MATSTONE or BREVILLE brands as they offer more features. The Matstone multi-purpose juicer can effectively juice malunggay with stems, make sorbet, grind coffee and pepper,shave ice, milk from nuts and soybeans, and even extract oil.

SAM_9585Another resistance may be the price of juicing equipment. You can use a blender, why not? You just need to extract the liquid from the pulp after. It all depends on how willing you are to make the effort on a regular basis. But this should not be an excuse why you shouldn’t include juicing in you daily routine. I can’t stress enough the tremendous benefits of doing so.

SAM_9581If you can chew on the veggies and fruits right after picking and washing, that would be even better. But not all nutritious veggies are palatable so you need the help of friuts, that is where juicing comes in. For ways to juice and enjoy your drink, visit or come to SugarLeaf Organic Market and Cafe for healthy meals. Located at Medicard Lifestyle Center at Paseo De Roxas, Makati or at the Healthcube Building at 226 Wilson Street in Greenhills.