SAM_4334SAM_4332Everyone is looking for a cure for cancer long after it is too late. Here’s an idea, plan in advance before cancer cells start developing and growing. Think ahead to prevent that dreaded sickness from entering your body by changing your lifestyle and watching what you eat. This is the powerful message behind Dr. Albert Jo’s talk during our third Bacolod Farm Visit in his scenic Rapha Valley Farm.
SAM_4319Upon arrival to this mountain area farm with a grand vista, our group was greeted by Dr. Jo with a healthy welcome drink combination of fruits and herbal leaves. This was followed by a vegan snack of puto, non-dariy cheese dip, and what tasted like dinuguan minus the meat. As we were savoring our snack, Dr. Jo shared an eye-opening, bomb of iinformation that exploded and shocked us about the food we were consuming.

SAM_4395The products available in the market for the public  and the fastfood chain meals that we regularly consume were not safe, or rather were slowly poisoning our bodies. He gave us an idea on how certain farm products were grown, how meats were prepared beyond our knowledge, and how newly borns were exposed to msg addiction. Whether some were actual facts or not, what mattered was that we need to be more conscious of what we ingest and what to avoid.

SAM_4378The lecture made a huge impactt in the way I looked at fastfood chains, canned goods, processed food, and white rice. The information that was shared was a huge expose that really made us think. But beyond the reality, what made the lecture so valuable and memorable was that there was a solution that was doable and practical. Plant your own food if you don’t trust the what is being sold in the market or make it a point to look for certified organic products. In supporting organic farmers, we can help the public be aware to make the healthy choice. Otherwise we are also guilty of encouraging their early demise. In supporting the organic agriculture movement, we can put a stop to the criminal behavior of greedy enterprises that integrate toxic chemicals into the food we consume. No one realizes the gravity of this crime because no one is aware. This is kept quiet by corporations that benefit from farmers using their fertilizers, thus they getting away with it while the public is developing cancer and other forms of incurable diseases.

SAM_4382Dr. Albert generously shared all the information he acquired as a medical practicioner as well a s a farmer so he is more than qualifed to speak of such things. Why would he put himself in harm’s way to get the information out to the public? Because it has become his advocacy to enlighten people and help them avoid unnecessary diseases if only they ate the right food. When I asked him why he didn’t opt to write a book instead on what he knew and make more money in the process, he said that this was not his goal, he just wanted to help others. It was his way of giving back, I suppose, with the blessings he received. And when I asked him if it was alright for him that I publish the video I got of him mentioning popular fastfood chains with shocking practices, he said he didn’t mind as he was expressing his own opinion.


His sincerity to help the public is what struck me. People getting sick due to pestcide in the food was not something he wanted to be a part of as a farmer, and even more noble is the fact that he is a doctor giving free advice.

SAM_4416The organic agriculture  movement maybe slow in progress and perhaps wealthy corporate impediments may be the cause but you can’t hide the truth in the end. As British Chef Jamie Oliver exposed the unhealthy practices of a multinational fastfood,chain,  and as organic farmers in the country are opening up and sharing what they knew to media who would even bother to listen, we can see the the movement is progressing in a global collaboration. The truth will always come out.


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