Halloween and Christmas of Life

Who would have realized the many  business opportunities presented by climate change?  Everyone is so focused preparing for the impending damages and loss instead of cashing in.  Why not look into the investment opportunities in such  a scenario,  since it is an inevitability anyway.  WWF  and BPI took the initiative  to research and  present viable business opportunities in cities that would be greatly affected by climate change. These are cities that have  huge potentials for income generating not properly managed or explored by the local government.  Leaders and investors may be well-advised to look into these cities’ future possibilities.

Below is the result of the research prepared by WWF:

Updated Study Presents Business Risks and Opportunities for Four More RP Cities

In Chinese, two characters comprise the word crisis – the first signifies danger, while the next represents opportunity.

Guided by this, top environmental solutions provider World Wide Fund for…

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