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SAM_3380SAM_3399SAM_3398Back pains, neck pains, shoulder pains? . . . try electricity.  It will shock the pain out of you.  But seriously, it feels good.   I tried it at NULiving Spa in Binondo and it felt more soothing than anything. Making use of a fusion of Asian treatments that includes Chinese, Thai, Indian and Filipino, NULiving Spa Studio offers solutions to body aches caused by physical exertion or stress-induced factors through special massages or through the electricity treatment in combination with  the usual spa treatments.

The moment you enter, you feel good and healthy already, as the sweet smell of ginger penetrates your nostrils and lungs. The sound of water, soft music will relax you as you wait for your turn inside the clean, lowly-lit cubicles. The soft human touch against your skin completes the whole sensory experience (sound, scent, touch) which will  rejuvinate and de-stress you physically, mentally and…

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