SAM_1349What the brand Colgate is to toothpaste, Coke to softdrinks,  Xerox to Photocopiers, and Kodak to photos , top of mind brands that became common terms  for its poduct,. . . well Mojos was the common term  for this outdoor footwear many years back.

SAM_0904In a recent trip to Sagada and Benguet province, our group of bloggers were sponsored Mojos footwear for our farm tours.  The women got the regular flipflops to try while the men tested another style.  The Mojo flipflops turned out to be quite comfortable, sturdy and felt secure in my feet.  Especially since the path we trekked went uphill and downhill, including steep inclines, and sudden drops. The bottom of the flipflops including the surface had this slightly rough texture to provide traction on the slippery path as well as on the feet to prevent accidental slips.    It’s a good footwear to pack for mountain- area trips, aside from beaches with rocky shores like Batangas and Pangasinan. Well and good.

What really surprised me was when a friend of mine noticed the other footwear I was wearing.  I brought with me an old pair of rubber sandals which I have been using for 20 years for rocky beaches as well as mountain treks.  This was the actual footwear I wore most of the time for the tough activities like caving and the rugged mountain climbing.  To my surprise, she noticed and brought my attention to the fact I that my ageing, old-designed  rubber sandals which I didn’t give much thought of when I bought them in the 90s, were actually Mojos.  That was when I realized what a reliable, long-lasting brand Mojos was for outdoor activities.

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