SAM_0230SAM_0003What an eye-opener my trip was to Benguet and Sagada as part of an organic farm tour. To say the least, I was disappointed to realize that greed would allow health of the public to be compromised by keeping the truth hidden. People may not realize the gravity of the situation as it is perhaps downplayed by the opposing party.  I am talking about the perpetuation of the use of pesticides in the farming industry resulting in inferior crops that contain a certain amount of chemicals being fed to the unsuspecting or trusting public. The victims in the end are not the farmers, but the consumers.  

SAM_0226The pesticides are slowly killing us with chemicals entering our blood stream little by little.  We may blame the migranes, skin diseases, diarrhea, nausea, diabetes or a non-healthy body to stress, pollution, exhaustion but maybe it is caused by the food we ingest.  We may not notice it because it is slowly creeping in until we are diagnosed with the grave sicknesses of cancer, leukemia, heart disease, and the like. What’s even worse is that we pass it on to our children who are born with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, mental retardation or physical deformities.

SAM_0019Greed is what motivates farmers or pharmaceutical salesmen to encourage the use of pesticides despite knowing it’s harmful effects.  The temporary effect of bloated vegetables and faster income in the end will cost the farmers more with total dependency on pesticides and sick consumers.  The Public needs to wake up and choose their farmers and sources of vegetables, fruits, poultry and meats well.  Demand for good, healthy harvests by supporting the farmers who care or follow good farming practices.  Help the Organic Farming Industry flourish and educate unenlighted farmers about the unprofitable use of chemicals in SAM_0093the long run.  One small step at a time.  We can begin by buying organic produce from reliable sources.

The visit to The Master’s Garden and Lily of the Valley organic farms in Benguet showed us what healthy vegetables look like and the high amount of nutrition we can derive from healthy crops and healthy soil.

SAM_0010Broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach were the main crops grown at Lily of the Valley organic farm.  We were informed that broccoli is easily infected by pests, so can you imagine how much pesticides is used in the broccoli that you buy in the market if you weren’t sure they came from an organic farm? Scary thought isn’t it, especially knowing that you were feeding your young children with this vegetable supposedly high in nutrition.

SAM_0107The Master’s Garden farm practices the use of grass in its compost instead of manure.  There was no stench at all going around the farm.  I could feel that the vegetables were really clean to eat.  No bacteria from manure was infused in the plant from the soil.  Can you imagine the veggies that we consume that grew on soil that was fed with manure? No one knows how the vegetabSAM_0127les we buy in the grocery and  the market were grown and cared for.  We just place our trust in the farmers.  As consumers, we can demand that our farmers follow healthy practices by showing them where the money goes.  So Let’s support the Organic Agriculture and the Organic Farmers.  It’s the consumers who will benefit in the end.

Lily of the Valley Organic Farm Tour

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