Ms. Bee Choo, second from left, at the ribbon cutting ceremony of Taylor Tyler

What a refreshing change to enter a parlor and not take in all the chemical scents pervading the room.  Those who are not yet immune to the smell end up having headaches.  Can you imagine all those chemicals being absorbed by your body, whether through your nose or scalp.   Well now you have the option of going natural with Taylor Tyler Herbal Hair  Spa Salon.  They take pride in an all-natural process and natural products.

SAM_1123The moment you enter the salon, you can breathe well without covering your nose as you take a whiff of  the over-all scent of herbs or natural aromas such as ginger and coconut. The first step in the Origin hair treatment is the application of ginger oil to open pores and prep the scalp so it can easily absorb the herb treatment that follows.  SAM_1114A mixture of seven mashed herbs that include ginseng and green tea was applied to my scalp and hair before going under the hair steamer.  You should allot an hour or so for this treatment especially if you have long, thick hair.  This treatment covers a multitude of benefits that include the following: keeping hair soft and healthy, keeping it black, covering gray hair with reddish highlights, and de-toxing the hair from chemicals.  The Origin herbal spa treatment includes only one process for everyone.  So the results will depend on the frequency of the treatment.

SAM_1112After going through the steamer,  the hair then is made to rest until it cools off at room temperature.  This is then followed by a strong minty shampoo cleansing with conditioner.  I was told that the treatment stays and works in the hair for the next three days. After the shampoo, hair is blow-dried to reveal the bouncier, shinier and healthier result.

More than anything, the salon offers a pleasant experience from start to finish with an aromatherapy added treat. With its health and wellness aspect, this asian beauty treatment may just be a hit here in the Philippines.

SAM_1111To maintain a beautiful head of hair it isn’t enough to just shampoo and condition; it’s more about making the choice to live a healthier lifestyle.

As the saying goes, if you feel good on the inside, it will reflect on the outside, so aside from keeping a positive attitude as you go about your daily endeavors, it’s also a must that you make an effort to treat your mind, body, and spirit to lifestyle choices that are more natural and 100% good for you.

Starting from your health to your beauty routine, making the choice to go natural is actually easy even if you’re the type who’s always on the go.

Who is Bee Choo?

Taking effective home remedies to the next level, an enterprising woman from Singapore named Bee Choo has mastered an all-natural concoction meant to restore the hair’s natural beauty.

Opting for a more traditional approach to solve her hair problems, Bee Choo opted to rely on oriental herbal medicine to make her hair beautiful once more. Through a potent combination of all-natural herbs, she was able to bid her hair problems goodbye. Soon after, news about her “miracle” hair treatment spread through word of mouth and she eventually opened her first hair treatment center in Singapore. As business continued to boom, Bee Choo Herbal Treatment promptly branched out to neighboring Malaysia, then Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, and now, it’s finally in the Philippines.

My John Co,owner of Taylor Tyler Herbal Treatment Spa Salon

My John Co,owner of Taylor Tyler Herbal Treatment Spa Salon

Pampering your hair the natural way

For those whose hair just needs a “de-tox”, after just one Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment will leave their hair with a beautiful shine and much-needed volume.

For older clients, the benefits of the Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment go beyond those mentioned above. In fact, its popularity abroad stemmed mostly from its ability to provide an effective solution to hair loss, with extreme cases needing only a year to be solved. The natural tint of the herbs also acts as an all-natural dye for those with white hair, of course, depending on the natural color of your hair, it can turn to a darker shade of brown to auburn after continuous treatments.

The variety of Bee Choo Origin herbal hair products, like the Origin Purity Scalp Shampoo, Origin Purity Repair Hair Conditioner, Garlic Wine, Origin Treatment Spa Crème, and Origin Crystal Serum that will be used for the treatment, are all guaranteed safe even for kids and pregnant women, just like the rest of the products in the Bee Choo Origin line.

Do note that the Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment is not meant as an alternative to rebonding treatments. It’s just a great way of ridding your hair of product buildup and other impurities caused by other products and treatments, which may have left your hair dry and unmanageable over the years. After your Bee Choo sessions, your hair will look and feel much healthier, eventually going back to its natural luster.

This is just the start of a new, natural way of life, aside from Bee Choo hair treatments and the Bee Choo Origin line of hair care products, taking care of your body and wellbeing is a daily commitment that you must make.

To enjoy the many benefits of the Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment, drop by TaylorTyler Herbal Hair Spa and Salon at the 2nd floor of Pergola Mall, BF Homes Paranaque and and Unit 216 South Parking Arcade Building, SM Mall of Asia.

with charming owners, couple John and Jocelyn Co

with charming owners, couple John and Jocelyn Co