Taking you on a walking tour of the  greening of Estero de Paco with no other than Ms. Gina Lopez.  Since we started late morning, it was quite hot but the timing was good for photo-taking.  So sit back and view the improved estero surroundings.   The stench was greatly reduced, the walkways were clean and nice, the view was inspiring, crime was reduced, livelihood  increased, health problems reduced, flooding and corresponding expenses were reduced. . . most of all a place of filth was transformed into a useful place with a park-like ambience. Thanks to the Pasig River warriors who protect and maintain its cleanliness and to the inspiration and devotion of  top  Filipino environmentist, Gina Lopez.

Still more esteros to clean . . . so help the Pasig River Clean Up and join the Run for Pasig event on September 30 at Quezon City Memorial Circle. For updates on this advocacy run, visit www.runforthepasigriver.com, like www.facebook.com/runforthepasigriver  or follow @run4pasigriver on Twitter.